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The Artists Work

Gentian’s art is focused on portraits, landscapes and drawings. He is inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and most of his female portraits have an idyllic and dreamy expression, set on abstract backgrounds which often dictate mystery.


The artist is into mythology and symbolism though simultaneously his painting process is influenced by life, memory and photography. All portraits are people that he knows and all landscapes are places he has visited.


The theme of migration appears in some of Gentian’s works, due to the fact he has felt it on a personal level. These works express hope and tie migration, with nature and earth.

He explores himself in different ways through his art, always trying to bring something new and refreshing to his art lovers. Believing that change is what keeps an artist alive and allows him to introduce to  others, the artists inner, colorful world.


If you are a new or seasoned collector, artist, potential partner or simply have a question, feel free to get in touch.

Gentian Lulani Ballymaloe House

Ballymaloe House,



P25 Y070

+353 87 646 1826

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