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Work with me to bring your idea and vision to life.

Painting of a girl asleep wearing a red shawl and a yellow headscarf with a rose in her hair holding a handkerchief

If you would like a more personalized experience,

connect directly with me as an an artist by commissioning an artwork.

​Allow me to create what you are visualising, whether that be a portrait, a particular landcape or a scene. ​

As a collector, it is your opportunity to be a part of the creative process and bring to life something that you can connect with forever.

How it works

Paintings done on commission regularly follow these steps

  1. Discussion of work to be created via email/phone with Gentian directly.

  2. Size of painting, timeline, and price agreed upon

  3. Client pays first half of total cost.

  4. Gentian completes the painting by the date agreed upon and sends an image of the painting to the client for approval.

  5. Once the client approves, The remaining balance is requested for payment.

  6. After payment the painting is shipped.


Painting of A Woman with Yellow Headscarf
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